Andy Altemus: Co-creator, Editor, Writer. Hates Pitt. UFWF’s Baltimore connection. Only drinks Keystone Light. Wears a hat every day of his life. Follow @altemus13

Jordan Pinto: Co-creator, Editor, Producer, Writer. Hates Pitt, and also hates Notre Dame. Non-discriminatory beer drinker. Follow @jordanpintoUWF

Jake Kolar: MLB/Pirates Writer/Fanatic. Mastodon enthusiast. Had a fro until age 19. Guinness guy. Follow @kolar_jake

Evan Crowder: West Coast correspondent. Hates Pitt and Stanford, actually all Pac 12 schools except Oregon. Widmer is the beer. Unfollow if you follow @EvanACrowder

Justin Lantz: Sometimes writes. Cowboys fan. Bandwagon Cubs fan. Says he likes the Columbus Blue Jackets too. Never been to a Backyard Brawl. Follow @Magic_Man3

Jad Ramadan, NFL Writer. Raiders fan. Only ever seen him drink Old Crow. Follow @TheBad_Man

Nathan Pearson: Soccer/NBA Writer. Follow @ThreeChainz1.

Mikey Brennan: Writer. Definition of eccentricity. Never drinks the same thing twice. Steelers fan. Follow @MauriceDelTaco_.

Brian Petitto: Writer. Hates everyone and everything. Don’t follow.

Aaron Mills: Bankroll. Works for the government. Knows where the nukes are. Follow @wvfan44.


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