Apples And Oranges

Time out.

Flashback. Esa Ahmad smokes weed during or right before the NCAA tournament, like an idiot, and the players get tested. He fails. The NCAA takes forever to decide that the appropriate punishment is a suspension lasting 16 games. Half the season. For smoking. Which, do not get me wrong, was incredibly stupid when you know you will get tested around tournament time. You should not be naive enough to understand that the majority of college basketball players smoke, a lot. That is just the truth. But the argument of whether it should or should not be illegal is not relevant here. It was a rule. He broke it. Should have been punished. Maybe give him 5 games and move on. Right? No. The NCAA smashed their moral hammer. Ok.

Fast forward to now. UCLA goes to China for a game against Georgia Tech. China, as you know, is a communist country with strict laws. Three UCLA players get arrested for shoplifting at three different high end stores near their hotel. Committing an actual crime with actual consequences while in a foreign country. And it takes the President of the United States having a long talk with China’s President to get them off the hook and released. A potential international incident that was luckily erased because the two nations worked together professionally to resolve it. Now, the stupidity of putting themselves in that situation should have put them in a Chinese prison for 3-10 years. But instead they come back as free as a soaring eagle holding souvenir gift bags on their way out of the airport (LiAngelo Ball wearing a Big Baller Brand tshirt under his UCLA sweatshirt). People in the media saying that their embarrassment is punishment enough for their mistake. They didn’t even have the courtesy to thank President Trump for his actions in freeing them.

UCLA considering a couple games suspension for the players. Which may not even happen. The NCAA is sitting on their hands, not doing a thing. Kids can’t smoke weed but they can commit crimes in foreign countries while representing our country, their school, and the NCAA with no consequence? Yeah that is how it works. The matter is being handled by the school. WHAT!?

Esa sits around not being able to play until mid January and these spoiled asshole kids get nothing? I don’t care if they get 3 games, 5 games, 10 games! It is not enough. They should be in jail! Or at the very least suspended for a long long time. Entitlement by youth is a disease that is sweeping the nation. And this incident makes me sick. I was taught that actions have consequences. I guess that doesn’t apply if you play basketball. What a joke.

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