Thanks For Coming Out!

This photo from the flyover at the Iowa State game, 5 minutes before the opening kick has been met with two different reactions.

  1. Students are pathetic and being called out for it by regular fans
  2. Students are being extremely defensive about it and making excuse per usual

I wrote a few weeks ago about the issue but the one thing I will say about this picture is, why are allllllll the other sections filled and the students are absent? Don’t say it is because of long lines at the gate. Leave earlier. It was a 3:30 kick so there are actually zero excuses available for the stands to look like that. And even worse, they left again at halftime. It is a problem. A very real problem. And the university should address it. Texas will be no different with students on break. Just another excuse to float around.

This team is soundly in the Big 12 title race. And the students couldn’t care less to support them. Sad.

One comment

  1. What exactly is the issue that the university needs to address? Its not like they have 10k fans on a waiting list to get those tickets. They’re not losing out on revenue and they’re probably avoiding security-related problems. Who does it really affect in the end?


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