Mountaineer Uniform Tracker- Game 9

Game 9- #14 Iowa State, 3:30pm, ESPN2

A rare White Blue White combo that looked great once with the throwback logos on the helmet and blue facemask. If we do this again it will look fantastic. But the look NEEDS the blue facemask. The only time the white facemask works is with the All White combo. It looks out of place and cheap with the plain white.

Come on equipment guys. Get those blue facemasks on there!

Look how much better the blue facemasks look than the white…

It just doesn’t match.

Only result in this combo was a stinker in 2014. It was the forced debut by Skyler Howard who played pretty well. We gave up one TD on defense in the 1st quarter. Allowed an unimaginably stupid punt return TD a minute before halftime to Tyler Lockett (should have punted the ball 40 rows into the stands). Then let 38 year K-State veteran kicker Matt McCrane boot us to death in the 2nd half.

Kansas State 26 West Virginia 20

Iowa State will be going Cardinal helmets, White Jerseys, White Pants.

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