College Gameday Misses Again

College Gameday producers and decision makers continue to miss the point of the entire show. The show. People tune in to see the spectacle of the event. The crowd. The atmosphere. The enthusiasm. The magnitude of what it means for the students of the host school.

Now, it is no argument that the best “on paper” matchup of the week will be #2 Penn State at #6 Ohio State. Big Ten East title implications and obviously it will be the most watched game of the week (on FOX, not even ESPN by the way).

But, when you think of College Gameday, and what it means to a community and a program, Columbus is not where they need to be going. Think about the atmosphere at James Madison and North Dakota State when they have hosted. It is awesome to watch. They care. It is big. And it definitely helps their otherwise nationally invisible programs gain exposure.

Some stats:

Columbus has hosted 16 times and Ohio State has appeared on the show 40 times.

Ohio State has been featured SEVEN times in the last three years. The Big 12 conference as a whole has only been featured FIVE times total in the last three years.

Also, in the past three years, Big 12 campuses have hosted Gameday THREE times. Ohio State alone has hosted FOUR times.

Plus, THEY HAVE ALREADY HOSTED THIS YEAR. Penn State hosted this past week. So they need to be featured again?

Is it so absurd that you would go to a new location and feature a school that also deserves to be in the conversation? And no, I am definitely not talked about Oklahoma State at West Virginia in Morgantown. We have had our turn, twice. And we do not deserve the attention right now. I am talking about our Riot Bowl brothers in Ames. #4 TCU at #25 Iowa State should be 100% be hosting College Gameday this week.

The Cyclones, and head coach Matt Campbell, have done a great job turning around a stale and bottom feeding program. They are only 13 points from being undefeated and probably should be 6-1 at worst. They beat Oklahoma in Norman and have been on the war path ever since. They finally broke into the AP rankings this week for the first time since 2000 when they defeated the lowly Pitt Panthers in the Bowl. And this is a giant weekend for Iowa State because they host #4 TCU. The recipe for a Gameday visit was there and Iowa State has never been featured, and really, has never deserved to be featured. Now they do. But sure, lets ignore this great story, and what was guaranteed to be a unmatched atmosphere (those ISU fans are insane) and head back to shitty Columbus and continue with the Big Ten love fest. Gameday personnel should be ashamed.

Good luck to our friends in Ames this weekend. Keep doing your thing, please beat the purple toads, and we will see you in a few weeks.



    • Just like a Cyclone to be put off by a rival’s inaccuracy more than remembering manners and thanking him for recognizing ISU’s accomplishments and worthiness to host.


      • “Just like a Cyclone”??? I agreed he/she missed the point of the article, but not sure how that converts to a generalization about all Cyclones. What an odd observation.


  1. There are college football fans all across the United States, not just the big ten and sec regions. ESPN is pushing a lot of these fans away because of the biased towards two conferences.


  2. Thanks for the love WV! Slow clap for you 👏👏👏 Yes the stats are a bit off but who cares! See you in the Riot Bowl 🔥🔥🔥


  3. Wonderful! Thanks for the love from a good-natured rival.

    But in the end, it’s all about how much money they project they will bring in. PSU-OSU brings in more money. End of discussion in their meetings.


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