Lets Address The Student Section Debacle From Last Saturday

The student body of West Virginia University showed up a quarter late and left two quarters early last Saturday. Same as East Carolina, same as Delaware State. It is nothing new, but now, something has to give.

I understand there are many variables that work against the students being present for four quarters. Let’s discuss…

One, the early start time. I get that going out on Friday night is essential and to ask a 19 year old to wake up before 11am is like asking water not to be wet. But we all make sacrifices. I was up at 6am. My first beer was inside me by 6:45 and there was a lively group present in my garage by 7:15. We are 30 years old. So if we can do it, you can do it. The game isn’t at 5 in the morning. Get your ass out of bed, hit Sheetz for a coffee/red bull, grab a case and get to the Blue Lot.

Two, the security measures at the gates. This is a problem that actually falls on the University and the students equally. When the University established the request/claim/print method of student ticketing about 15 years ago, it clogged up the efficiency of students entering the stadium and complicated an otherwise non complicated system. Have ID, bring ID, show ID, scan ID, enter stadium. Simple. Earlier you get there, the better seats you will get. This method should be familiar with students considering they use it to enter the residence halls and eat breakfast lunch and dinner. They do not have to request to enter their hall, print a ticket to enter, and then get that ticket scanned before being let in, do they? No. So lets simplify. Let em in with a student ID. Plain and simple.

But, that being said, the policy has been in place since the current students were shitting in their diapers. So it is what it is. And if there is a backup at the gate and you expect it, get there 20 minutes earlier so you don’t get in midway through the first half. Every section was full in the stadium except for yours. It is so embarrassing. But you obviously don’t care.

Three, homework. For a student body so committed to academics, it is completely understandable that studying overrules supporting the gold and blue. Three full hours on a Saturday can’t be wasted in the bleachers. 10,000 students peacing out at halftime to grind in the library is nice to see.

Flashback to Saturday. 3 point game. 13 minutes left. Must win game against a ranked team at home….

This is beyond unacceptable. Every section is full. This is when the stadium was rocking. Maybe 5000 students left? What the hell?

This needs solved. Shrink the student section now. They don’t need 12,500 seats. Chop it in half. Give them the bottom two and the top three in the corner. Show up if you want. Sell the others.


Threaten them. What would happen if the University sent out an email saying that they are kicking the tires on potentially cutting down the amount of student seating due to lack of support and kids leaving early. What would happen? The entitled little princesses would bitch and complain. They would claim it is unfair. So many tears. Maybe some sweet protests since that is what everybody seems to be doing these days.

Then they would have to make a choice. Change the culture and have kids show up on time like everybody else and stay til the end…or…don’t, and be no better than that school 70 miles north at ketchup stadium.


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