Back In The Saddle Again

Yes, I know it is about time. We have slacked off with our journalistic duties on this site the past couple months and you guys have been waiting with bated breath for the next wave of handsome blogs.


Some updates…

My hatred for Adidas finally came to a head in the best possible way. Not only do they provide the worst uniform designs to schools across the country, but now they are also in the business of ruining college sports as a whole. YES! Millions of dollars shifting around, bribes, illegal tampering of high school kids, Rick Pitino lying and lying and lying about everything. It is all so incredibly great. Louisville should be terminated. Adidas schools should man up and tell them to kick rocks. And West Virginia looks to be free and clear and is doing all the right things because Huggy Bear doesn’t care to deal with those entitled 5-star guys. Can’t wait to see what happens. Probably nothing because the NCAA would rather screw the athletes than the schools. North Carolina? Nah, you’re good. Baylor? Please scale down the sexual crimes a tad, thanks. So these basketball schools? We will see.


The Vegas Golden Knights started RED HOT in their first NHL season and are so very easy to root for after the tragedy at the country concert a couple weeks ago. With Marc Andre Fleury and James Neal leading the way, I am all aboard the VGK train, while simultaneously riding the Back to Back Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins freight train. Choo choo. Dual train citizenship. Join me!


In other news, North Korea sucks. Things are tense. Politics, gun control, PC culture, and racial tension in America. The national and worldwide news is a mess. Guys, its football season. Knock it off. We should be talking about how Clemson lost to Syracuse or how Butch Jones should have been fired months ago. Tell Jim Kong and Donnie T to pipe down until after bowl season is over.


Speaking of college football. Everybody (but Alabama) is going to lose. That is a fact. Give me chaos. I love it. Which is why we plan to fire up the podcasts again. Plenty to talk about with this season all around. Check it out.









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