Breaking Down The Weakest Fight In MLB History

Bryce Harper got hit by Hunter Strickland today and took major offense and charged the mound. What happened next was not very clear. Let’s break it down…

First, Bryce Harper is the biggest try hard in the game. Sure he has mega talent, but his tool baggishness casts an enormous shadow over his playing ability. That is on full display here with his charging actions.

I understand that this was very much premeditated and very much on purpose. And if it stemmed from two home runs from a previous postseason, then Strickland is an idiot. Doesn’t matter if he did anything to piss you off. Get over it dude. Statute of limitations were long exceeded here. You can tell this wasn’t a strong mental decision by Strickland because Buster Posey wanted nothing to do with backing up his teammate.

Harper gets out of the gate hot. He sets the tone by going full speed at the mound. He chooses to use one of his weapons early by firing his helmet at Strickland. But he misses 20 feet to the right. Nice throw Bryce.

Strickland starts out strong by taking a step forward, puffing out his chest and dropping the glove. Intimidation city. Maybe this caused the brutal helmet throw by Harper. We will never know. But then he completely relinquished all his advantage by dropping back on his heels. As a pitcher, you have to take momentum to the hitter or you are screwed. As was seen here.

But Harper definitely did not take advantage of this fact and swung blindly and feverishly, like he was channeling his inner frat bro. He might have landed 1/2 of a punch in about 17 attempts. Strickland wasn’t much better. They looked like two white trash teenagers from Florida on Worldstar. In fact, the best contact was made by a Giants bullpen pitcher who Kamakaze’d Michael Morse into the next county. That is what we needed out of Strickland. Take the fight to Harper. If you aren’t ready to defend yourself, don’t hit him in the first place hardo.

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