The Penguins Are Going Back To The Stanley Cup Finals

It took two overtimes but the Penguins got the job done as they defeated the stingy Ottawa Senators 3-2 to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals where they will face the red hot Nashville Predators.

Craig Anderson was a brick wall like in game 6 and the Penguins were denied on multiple chances throughout the game. And each Penguins goal was equalized fairly quickly by the Senators.

After a late 3rd period and an extremely intense 1st overtime that even took Doc Emrick’s breath away, each team was beyond gassed in the 2nd OT period. It took a Russ Tyler-esque knuckle puck by Chris Kunitz that floated over the shoulder of a blinded Anderson to send the Penguins onto the Final.

Game 1 is Monday in Pittsburgh.

P.S. ESPN reeeeeally cares about hockey…

…scroll down a page…

…scroll down a page…

…and finally….

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Worldwide Leader In Sports.

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