Mike Milbury Being Mike Milbury

Listen, I’ll first say that I hate when people get all bent out of shape and offended by things people say on TV. You see bad takes all the time on all the major sports networks by the on air “talent” because they want you to talk about it. They want reaction. That is exactly what they get paid for. This is not that.

Mike Milbury is an All-Time word vomit spewing piece of shit. He really believes what he says. He doesn’t care what reaction it will get. He just says it.

Hockey is a different game. There are unwritten rules and it is a vicious tough man’s game. That is why so many of us love it. But within those unwritten rules, nowhere does it say anything that Milbury consistently preaches. He is always admonishing players to hunt with the intent to injure every time they touch the ice. He said during an intermission of the Caps-Pens series that he was upset that the Caps had not eliminated Sidney Crosby from the series permanently when they had the chance.

Hey kids, remember, when you go out of your way to match your elbow with another human’s skull, make sure you give it all you got. Really finish that elbow to do as much brain damage as possible. He actually said “I would have really driven it through his head.”

What a guy.

NBC Sports is the best in the business at production and sports programming. The fact that they employ this trash bag and we have to hear this stuff is a problem. Hopefully they finally resolve it.

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