Red Sox Fans Give Standing Ovation to Adam Jones

So this happened during Adam Jones’ first at bat tonight….

…annnnnnd I am not sure what to think about it. This obviously comes from last night being the worst case of fan abuse he has experienced in his 12 year career. Multiple racial slurs and a bag of peanuts thrown at him, Jones was very upset after the game and voiced his displeasure.

Well fast forward to today where the Red Sox and Major League Baseball apologized and made an effort to stop this type of behavior immediately. Good on them. And it isn’t fair to lump all the Sox fans into the racist category. But this isn’t the first time Boston fans have been tagged with that stereotype so with this…where there is smoke there is usually a large forest fire. They have a problem. And in 2017, why is this still a thing? Not sure why you’d pick Adam Jones to attack either. The guy is an incredible community and charity guy. Black or white or green, that guy is awesome for the game and society in general.

So back to the standing ovation. To me it comes across somewhat fake, forced and not necessary. Adam Jones doesn’t want cheered at Fenway Park. He’s an Oriole. He wants to beat your Red Sox. He wants you to heckle him. Give him a hard time. Make fun of him. But the one thing he definitely deserves is for Red Sox fans to respect him. Heckling is part of the game. Jones even said that he enjoys it. But respect is necessary too.


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