Starling Marte Slaps Pirates In The Face

“I have been informed that I have tested positive in one of the tests that are regularly done in my job. In this very difficult moment I apologize to my family, the Pittsburgh Pirates, my teammates, my fans, and baseball in general. Neglect and lack of knowledge have led me to this mistake with the high price to pay of being away from the field that I enjoy and love so much. With much embarrassment and helplessness, I ask for forgiveness for unintentionally disrespecting so many people who have trusted in my work and have supported me so much. I promise to learn the lesson that this ordeal has left me. God bless you.”

This is the fakest most untruthful apology possible from a guy who has been treated incredibly by the Pittsburgh Pirates organization and the Pittsburgh community as a whole. This was not a mistake. This was a moronic selfish act that could not have been less required to do the job he was expected to do. Now he is out 80 games plus playoffs if the Pirates can get there which will be a tall task in the NL Central this year.

It is incomprehensible that any player in baseball gets caught taking PEDs these days with the strict testing and high consequence for get getting caught. Especially for a guy that has already gotten PAID like Marte. What is the risk really for? You are a starter, an All Star, a fan favorite, and a teammate. Why do this?

And it wasn’t some unknown drug within a supplement that snuck into Marte’s Metamucil smoothie one morning. This is an old school, somewhat outdated steroid that was used in the 90s with bodybuilders. It was and INJECTABLE STEROID originally meant to help people with cancer, AIDs, and other muscle deficiencies. I don’t believe Marte has anything close to these types of issues. He injected it into his body. And he says it was neglect, lack of knowledge, and unintentional. Bullshit. It was the exact opposite. How did you get it? And why did you allow it to be drawn, stuck inside you, and injected without knowledge of what it was in 2017? Then slap the entire city and organization in the face by saying you did it unintentionally. What an asshole. Enjoy your vacation. Pirates fans should be very slow to forgive #6.

And I wrote this before reading this article which proves that Marte was even dumber than he originally appeared. It almost seems too stupid to believe that he took one of the most traceable steroids on the planet unknowingly. But it doesn’t matter if he didn’t understand what he took. How can you put something so guaranteed to test positive without asking the Pirates staffers if it is ok? No matter the situation, it falls 100% on Marte. Not a good look for him, whether he is being honest or not.

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