The WORST Part of Stanley Cup Playoffs….

The worst part of the Stanley Cup playoffs is back and is being shoved in our faces during every commercial. Every Discover card commercial is cringeworthy bad but one stands out above the rest. I don’t know why but I want to rip my TV off the wall every time it is on.

Allow me to break it down….

First off, Claire in Phoenix clearly answers the phone by stating that she is in fact, Claire in Phoenix, proving almost immediately that she is, in fact, a real person.

Second, there is no reason for the stupid caller to say the word “core-ect” because she obviously isn’t listening to Claire at all and there was no question that required the word “correct” to be needed.

Third, Claire, once again speaks perfectly clear and states that this is not a recording in any way and it is a real person. But the dumbass caller continues to ignore that fact and says “op-or-ray-tor” like the annoying ignorant idiot she is. Hey lady, please talk to Claire in Phoenix and stop wasting her time.

Fourth, “wait you’re real?”

Really? It took her telling you like 8 times she is a real person and not sounding like a pre-recorded message at all for you to figure that out? Get off my TV.

Then fifth and sixth, and easily the most infuriating part of this irrational rage I feel during this commercial, is when she apologizes for shouting at Claire. She never once shouted. Not even a little bit. And worse, Claire forgives her by saying she was just speaking in “All CAPS” complete with hand motions.

No Claire. Hang up on this moron now. Quit your job. And go work somewhere else.

There are people that get paid, definitely more than I do, to make these commercials. They need fired.



  1. Yes. This is a dumb commercial. I guess when she said, “core-ect” she thought that Claire repeated the “yes”. Which is strange because she speaks really clearly. And I was wondering why the caller mentioned yelling, too, because she never raised her voice, as you said. I thought I missed part of the commercial when I first saw it.
    I am wondering, are these twins or just two girls who look alike, OR the same girl doing two parts. Discover never makes that clear. Would be kind of nice to have the credits for their commercials.


  2. I love you!! I thought I was the only person in the world that hated this commercial with a passion. When I see Claire do the “ALL CAPS” hand motion, so much rage builds up inside of me and I want to punch Claire square in the face!!!


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