Frozen Four Never Disappoints

One of the most underrated sports scenes every year is the Frozen Four. I’ve said before that if you want exciting/frantic/chaotic/insane action, there is absolutely nothing like the final 5 minutes of a college hockey game. It is crazy. Guys flying everywhere. Shots from anywhere. Just absurd amount of effort. We were reminded of that tonight with Minnesota-Duluth and Harvard. Both 1 seeds locked in a 1-1 game with less than a minute left when the Bulldogs deflected one home to take a goal lead with 30 seconds left. Cue the Harvard insanity….

Firing squad from Harvard ringing pucks off multiple posts. One key deflection right in front by Duluth on a shot that was definitely tying it up. Give me all the oxygen. But the Bulldogs are on the National Championship to face the winner of Notre Dame and Denver. I think I speak for everybody, especially Pinto, when I say Go Pioneers.


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