We’ve found them! The biggest loser on the planet!

Look no further, you have found him/her!

The biggest loser on the planet. I only say planet because the universe has yet to be explored completely and there may be a bigger loser out there, but I highly doubt it.

Someone, watching Saturday play of the ANA Inspiration, the first major on the LPGA schedule, called in an infraction in which Lexi Thompson marked her ball incorrectly on a tap in 1 footer. There are many problems with this….

Apparently the caller made the call on Saturday but the official penalty was not assessed until the middle of Lexi’s round on Sunday in which she was cruising to her 2nd career major victory. Much like Dustin Johnson’s ridiculous penalty in the US Open last year, the USGA completely butchered this call. Why did it take an entire day to make a ruling? Why would you think it would be a good idea to alert a competitor of the infraction that far after it happened? There obviously should be a statute of limitations on that and I would say it passed many many hours prior to the 4th round beginning. Why is there a phone number in which gigantic loser individuals can call and tattle on professional golfers? Who would go out of their way to pick up the phone and make that call? Not all heroes wear capes I guess. Someone had to save the day and we are so lucky to have that person mouth breathing the same air as us.

I hope Lexi wins and then obliterates the caller after she takes the champion’s swim.

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