What New Era is doing to the MLB hats should be a crime

As this site’s go to guy when it comes to head coverage, I am appalled at New Era slapping their logo on the official on field caps of Major League Baseball. Is nothing sacred anymore in professional sports? New Era has produced caps for Major League teams since 1934. The are easily THE name in hats. Everybody knows they make MLB hats. Its like Heinz ketchup, you can get other brands, but you know if you want the best, there is only one option. MLB hats have always been clean and classic. Team on front, MLB logo on back. The only hats they produced without their “NE” wavy logo were the MLB hats. Minor League baseball, College, High School, and others always had the logo which made the MLB hats special. In my opinion, the fact that New Era didn’t even have to put their logo on their product but yet you knew 100% who made it was bad ass. Why change that and become like everybody else?



Sad! The corporate logo creep douchebaggery seen in today’s sports world is getting worse and worse. From ads on NBA jerseys to Under Armour paying almost double what Majestic paid for the MLB uniform contract just to be able to put their UA logo on the front of the uniforms, when will it end? As our friends at UniWatch point out, this will be a TERRIBLE look.

The days of the classic uniforms and hats are long gone.

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