Country Roads Overload

I don’t know exactly when it started, but we are squarely in the middle of a Country Roads overload with everything West Virginia Athletics. The song, written in fact with incorrect geographic information, has been associated with our state and WVU athletics since John Denver famously played a live version of the song at the opener of Mountaineer Field in 1980. Mainly played before football games and following wins, the song was special. It was unique and when heard, brought feelings of pride and success. It was rarely played and that was a good thing.

Fast forward to this decade. It is EVERYWHERE. Referred to constantly. Plastered all over the recently renovated Coliseum walls. The new concessions are called the “Country Roads Pit Stop.” Hell, they even renamed the Red gate the “Country Roads Gate.”


Could we have any less creativity? My goodness.

Just look at our baseball team twitter this weekend…

Please, shove the song down our throats more. The song has been played out. Like a crappy pop song on WVAQ that gets played 5 times an hour, it is just about ruined.

We can save it though. We can make Country Roads special again. There needs to be rules.

Like when Brad Paisley played it pregame last year.


But playing it postgame when the women’s basketball team loses by 60 to Iowa State.


Not awesome.

Lets please bring back the pride factor that comes from hearing the song. Less is more. Always.

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