Top 10 Closing Pitchers for 2017

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Closing Pitchers

10. Roberto Osuna – TOR

9. Alex Colome – TB

8. Edwin Diaz – SEA

7. Jeurys Familia – NYM

6. Wade Davis – CHC

5. Mark Melancon – SF

4. Andrew Miller/Cody Allen – CLE

3. Aroldis Chapman – NYY

2. Kenley Jansen – LAD

1. Zach Britton – BAL

The AL East is LOADED with dominant closers. Zach Britton absolutely does not get enough credit for how good he really is. The numbers show, and yet I feel like I don’t hear enough praise for the guy. The guy only gave up 4 earned runs in 67.0 innings in 2016. FOUR EARNED RUNS. He was a perfect 47/47 on save opportunities. I hate the save stat and think it is one of the dumbest stats baseball has created, but you gotta respect his perfection. The WHIP was 0.84, and if you haven’t watched this guy throw on TV or in person, do yourself a favor and watch him. His sinker is hands down the filthiest in baseball. The thing breaks like some curve balls you see in the game, except its coming in at 97 mph. You don’t know if its going to break down and left or down and right. The thing is a guaranteed ground ball. Good luck getting under it. Britton gave up 1 home run in 2016. I’ll take his movement over the velocity of Chapman any time.


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