Top 10 Right Fielders for 2017

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Right Fielders

10. Stephen Piscotty – STL

9. Gregory Polanco – PIT

8. Mark Trumbo – BAL

7. Kole Calhoun – LAA

6. J.D. Martinez – DET

5. Carlos Gonzalez – COL

4. Giancarlo Stanton – MIA

3. George Springer – HOU

2. Bryce Harper – WAS

1. Mookie Betts – BOS

If Mookie played in the National League then he would’ve been the NL MVP for 2016. Many thought he still should’ve won in the AL with the fact that Mike Trout played for the 74-88 Angels and Betts on the AL East Champions team. I agree with Trout getting it because the best player in the League always deserves it, but man, Mookie Betts is something special. He really built on a great 2015 in his 2nd full MLB season slashing .318/.363/.534 with 31 HR and 113 RBIs. Throw in a Gold Glove for right field, over 200 hits, and 26 stolen bases and you’ve got the ideal youngster in Boston. Hit him anywhere in the order and he’s going to produce for you. Easily one of my favorite young guys to watch in the league.


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