Top 10 Center Fielders for 2017

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Center Fielders

10. Joc Pederson – LAD

9. Andrew McCutchen – PIT

8. Odubel Herrera – PHI

7. Kevin Kiermaier – TB

6. A.J. Pollock -ARI

5. Dexter Fowler – STL

4. Adam Eaton – WAS

3. Jackie Bradley Jr. – BOS

2. Charlie Blackmon – COL

1. Mike Trout – LAA

It’s Mike Trout and everybody else. That goes for all of baseball, not just center field. The guy is the best thing to happen to baseball in a long time. Everyone knows what he can do, so no need to get too into it. 2 MVP awards and is 25. Probably should have at least 3, maybe 4, hell, even 5 MVPs if the voters always gave it to the absolute best player each year and ignored the teams performance. I love watching him and can’t wait to see how he continues his career.


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