Top 10 Shortstops for 2017

Top 10 Lists for 2017: Click the link to view my other lists. Links will be populated as the posts are published.


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Third Basemen


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10. Andrelton Simmons – LAA

9. Trea Turner – WAS

8. Troy Tulowitzki – TOR

7. Jean Segura – SEA

6. Addison Russell – CHC

5. Xander Bogaerts – BOS

4. Carlos Correa – HOU

3. Brandon Crawford – SF

2. Corey Seager – LAD

1. Francisco Lindor – CLE

Like third base, the shortstop position is flooded with young talent that could all be MVP-worthy throughout their careers. I’ve been most impressed by Francisco Lindor. I love a switch hitting shortstop that hits in the heart of the order. Lindor won a gold glove in his age 22 season and helped lead the Indians to a World Series. Seager, Correa, Bogaerts, Russell, and Turner all played 2016 in their age 23 season or younger. Lindor just stands out among the very deep group and who I would build my franchise around. He hit .310 throughout the 2016 Postseason like he had been playing in the league for 8 years. The maturity of this kid’s game is above all else at short.


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