Top 10 Left Fielders for 2017

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Left Fielders

10. Andrew Benintendi – BOS

9. Khris Davis – OAK

8. Melky Cabrera – CWS

7. Justin Upton – DET

6. Adam Duvall – CIN

5. Brett Gardner – NYY

4. Ryan Braun – MIL

3. Christian Yelich – MIA

2. Yoenis Cespedes – NYM

1. Starling Marte – PIT

Marte is just fun to watch play. I’m a little biased, but as a complete package, Marte is the top left fielder in baseball. The guy has won back to back gold gloves and led the league in assists in those years. He has an absolute rocket of an arm (not quite as strong as Cespedes) and he is dead-accurate with it. Marte has stolen at least 30 bases each year since 2013. His elite speed helps on the bases and covering ground in a massive PNC Park outfield. He should be playing center field and more than likely will find himself there in 2017. He has shown that he has the potential for the power numbers to rise over 20 home runs a year (19 in 2015). If he continues his every day play, he should continue to win gold gloves and finding himself on All Star rosters.


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