Top 10 Third Basemen for 2017

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Third Basemen


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Third Basemen

10. Evan Longoria – TB

9. Anthony Rendon – WAS

8. Jose Ramirez – CLE

7. Justin Turner – LAD

6. Kyle Seager – SEA

5. Adrian Beltre – TEX

4. Nolan Arenado – COL

3. Josh Donaldson – TOR

2. Manny Machado – BAL

1. Kris Bryant – CHC

This list, along with the second basemen, was another tough one to make. Third base is loaded with young, MVP-worthy talent. Hard to not put Kris Bryant at number 1. He was the best player on the best team in baseball and won the MVP award in his second season. His defense isn’t nearly as good as Machado’s, but Bryant probably will find himself in the outfield full-time in a matter of years. He struck out nearly 200 times in his rookie year and cut that number down to 154 in 2016. He only hit into 3 double plays last year.The OBP is great, but if he cut the strike outs down and got the walks up to look like Donaldson’s 2016, the guy could give Mike Trout a run for his money.


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