Top 10 Catchers for 2017

So I came across this on Twitter the other day. Buster Olney was writing about his top 10 players at each position in the MLB for 2017. Once I went to read and found out, of course, that it required an Insider subscription, I thought it’d be fun to do the same with my own opinion. Not going to go into each player, just a simple 10-1 ranking and why I chose #1.

All aspects of the game are taken into consideration. Fantasy value is ignored.

Top 10 Lists for 2017: Click the link to view my other lists. Links will grow as they are published.


First Basemen

Second Basemen

Third Basemen


Left Fielders

Center Fielders

Right Fielders

Designated Hitters

Starting Pitchers

Closing Pitchers


10. Wellington Castillo – BAL

9. J.T. Realmuto – MIA

8. Yasmani Grandal – LAD

7. Willson Contreras – CHC

6. Gary Sanchez – NYY

5. Wilson Ramos – TB

4. Yadier Molina – STL

3. Salvador Perez – KC

2. Jonathan Lucroy – TEX

1. Buster Posey – SF

Posey is the cream of the crop behind the plate and has been for years. All around he is the ideal guy you want behind the plate. Guys like Perez and Molina may have an edge defensively, but not by much. For me, I love a good defensive catcher. Anything you get with the bat is just kind of a bonus. But Posey’s combination in every aspect of the game will have some put his name in the discussion for all-time greats at catcher.


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