Grayson Allen is a CHILD

How can this continue? On national TV, analysts are absolutely ROASTING you. This is beyond absurd.

How many times can he get away with this? And to freak out on the bench like that just shows that this kid, yes kid, will never grow up. He is a junior at Duke. Plays for one of the most “upstanding” teacher of young minds in Coach K, but yet he does it over and over and over. Coach K needs to throw down the hammer. If not, his credibility needs to be questioned.

Get rid of this kid. Send him back to preschool where he belongs.


  1. I am a University of Kentucky fan yes we hate duke not because they are good but things they get away with in the past and now with Grayson Allen he needs to be let go if he is like this now think how he will be in the pros. Also he is really not that good we shut him down last year and we could shut him down again


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