Will The Thrill Reaction

taggartMy initial reaction to the Taggart hiring was who in the hell is this guy!? Reason being was the fact that everyone was saying that Oregon needs to go out and get “that guy.” Meaning the one with a proven track record at a Power 5 school. You know, Nick Saban. What all the sports reporters were missing however, is the fact that if Oregon went and got Nicky (or some other big name) it would be detrimental to their brand of evolution. Oregon is not about what has worked in the past, it’s about what will be great next which is what Taggart will be.

Taggart is a player’s coach who comes with endorsements from the Harbaughs and Tony Dungy. I’d take that any day. The player’s coach is where college football is going. What players are looking for now is “where can I go for three years, showcase my stuff, have an awesome coach and then go collect a check.” Well if you haven’t noticed, Taggart’s that dude. The guy who can jock back and forth with his players and provide them with a platform that readies them for the next level. Which brings me to his next great factor, his pro-style offense which will attract those 4 star and 5 star players to the program.

I’ve heard a lot of comments about his “pro-style” offense being completely different from what Oregon is used to. However, it’s not as extreme of a pro-style offense as Harbaugh’s and I don’t expect it to ever be with the athletes that are and still will be attracted to Oregon’s fast paced program. You’re still going to see some spread offense and the ball being slung around at a million miles a minute, except for when they need to get a few yards they will line up in a power I to get that manageable third down or touchdown on the goal line.

What they’re not going to have to endure anymore (Thank you baby Jesus) is losing to a team because they went for two 5 times instead of kicking PATs while they’re ahead only to lose by a field goal. Also, the Brady Hoke experiment is over. May he bless his next home with a Honey Comb defensive line and burnt toast corners.

Will the Thrill is here everyone! Let’s embrace him and enjoy this wild ride!

A personal message to Mr. Taggart. Keep the “Win The Day” tag line around. It’s one of the only things that doesn’t constantly change at the U of O. Also, you’ll save fans to pain of throwing away a plethora t-shirts from years past and not to mention the football team won’t have to re-brand its social media handles. Also, try to only wear school colors on game day. Oregon’s record is abysmal when not wearing green or yellow. Oh, and bring forest green back.

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