Jung Ho Kang, You’re a Moron

Hey, Jung Ho. What the hell?

3 DUI’s since 2009? A permanent loss of your driver’s license? You’re a great baseball player, but come on.

Pirates 3rd Baseman Jung Ho Kang was arrested the other night for leaving the scene of an accident while intoxicated. There is a dashcam video that captured the accident. If you haven’t seen it, take a look below… And enjoy some Korean news as well.

So I guess in parts of Asia it is becoming popular to have a dashboard camera mounted in your car at all times. I guess that’s good if there is a car accident where it could help with insurance issues and what not. It can also serve as a great source to catch a drunken athlete plow over the median.

Apparently there was someone riding in the car with Jung Ho. And apparently the passenger told the police that they were the one driving. Great plan… If there wasn’t a video camera in the car. The black box from the camera proved otherwise and Jung Ho was charged with DUI and fleeing the scene of an accident.

3 DUI’s since 2009. In Korea, that results in a permanent loss of driver’s license. So not only did he endanger himself, the life of the person who got in the car with him, and everyone else on the road, but he has done it, AND GOTTEN CAUGHT, on 2 prior occasions. And he lied about it thinking a video camera in the car wouldn’t find out the truth. All while leaving the scene.

If his car had the camera, every other car in Korea had a camera. Like all of the cars who would’ve gotten rammed into if he didn’t smack some sort of barricade coming around that turn. They probably would’ve figured it out. I saw another video from a traffic camera at another angle showing the accident. This thing was documented everywhere.

I guess the Pirates said they weren’t aware of his 2 prior DUI’s before signing him. Some sort of disciplinary action should be coming his way.

Jung Ho, you’re a great ball player, but this off the field shit is a problem. 3 DUI’s and a sexual assault investigation… Jung Ho, you’re a moron.

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