CFP Ranking Rapid Reaction

It’s Tuesday night again, which means it’s time for us to puzzle over the weekly CFP Playoff rankings again.

Nothing too crazy here. I suppose you could argue that A&M should be out after consecutive losses, especially considering what Alabama just did to Mississippi State. That loss looks kinda crappy now. Western Michigan fans could have some beef as well after not moving up since last week.

Ok, now Western Michigan fans can definitely have some beef. Undefeated, but not the highest rated G5? Kinda whack. Also, how does Tennessee sneak back in, especially in front of the Broncos? Should wins over Tennessee Tech and .500 Kentucky really change our opinion of them that much after consecutive losses to A&M, Bama, and South Carolina?

Are you fucking kidding me? The Pac-12 not only gets 2-loss Utah and 3-loss USC ahead of us, but where the hell is Colorado? Top 10 obviously? Atrocious. I know that if we win out this will sort itself, but seriously. The commentators even made a point of saying that Colorado hadn’t beaten anyone yet, and though I’m sure Buffalo fans will make the argument that we haven’t either, how are two quality losses better than 1? Oklahoma State is sitting at 11th, and would probably be 7th or 8th if not for that travesty against Central Michigan. You’re telling me losing to them is worse than losing to Michigan AND USC?

And I get that USC is playing better lately as well, and looked fantastic in knocking #1 Washington off last week. They may very well be a better team than we are, but these rankings are supposed to be based on who would get into the Playoff. You’re really telling me that 3-loss USC should get in over 1-loss WVU right now if they were picking today?

I wish people didn’t hate the Big 12 so we could have quality losses, too..

9. Oklahoma

8. Penn State

7. Wisconsin

6. Washington

5. Louisville

4. Clemson

3. Michigan

2. Ohio State

1. Alabama

7-8-9 are fine, as are 1 and probably 2. 3 through 6 is a bit tricky though. Some might complain that Michigan should drop following their loss, but with 2 of those other teams losing I think you can justify their staying put. Since I’m not convinced that a road loss in Kinnick Stadium is worse than losing to Pitt at home, they have to stay above Clemson, and since you can’t rank Louisville ahead of a team they lost to, Clemson has to stay above them.

Washington could maybe make a case for flip-flopping with one or both of the ACC teams. I think Clemson’s best wins (Louisville, Auburn, Florida State) are better than Washington’s (Stanford, Utah), and justify their being ranked ahead. However, if you’re really picking nits, Louisville’s only really strong win is Florida State, and though they’ve looked incredible against some bad teams I’m not sure that should be enough to keep them in front of the Huskies. Either way, squabbling over 5 and 6 is a good problem to have, and with teams in front of them still with games to play against each other, both teams will be in great shape if they win out.

So there you have it. Your 3rd CFP Playoff Rankings of the season. A pile of burning garbage, but no worse than usual for the Committee. I can’t wait for them to be awful again next week.

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