Rapid Reaction: The CFP Poll

The 1st CFP Poll was released tonight and they really nailed it. I mean these experts really put their best effort in to put out a solid, rational poll for us. Except not at all.

It’s almost as if they just threw darts at a board. Maybe they picked out of a hat once they got to #4. Lets dive into to this monstrosity…


Hmmmm what doesn’t look quite right? Could it be maybe the fact that Washington is undefeated and Texas A&M is not but still ranked higher? Yeah I think so. Washington has been wrecking people. They haven’t lost. Texas A&M  got their doors blown off by Alabama and are rewarded. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact they play in the SEC. No way.

There are 4 teams from the P5 that are undefeated. Those are the playoff teams. Period.


This grouping is simply hilarious. This must have been when the complimentary bar in the CFP meeting room really came alive. Imagine Condoleezza Rice up on top the bar double fisting 7 and 7’s yelling “ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIIIIIIIIIGH, COLORADOOOOOOO!” and talking dirty about James Franklin. That is exactly what was happening for these rankings to be the way they are.

Penn State lost to Michigan by 100 and Pitt. Pitt…..


Colorado, although I do like the Buffs and am enjoying them doing well, has 2 losses and their best win is a 10-5 shootout against 5-3 Stanford. 15th? Sure.

Virginia Tech! Oh Virginia Tech. Got smoked at a NASCAR track by a reeeeeally bad Tennessee team. And lost 31-17 in the air conditioner dome at Syracuse. Pleeeeeeeease tell me how that puts them at #19 in front of the West Virginia Mountaineers.

And yes, since we are Mountaineer fans, lets try to understand how they are #20.

They have one loss. One loss against the #18 team on the road. So how can Virginia Tech, or Colorado be ahead of them? And how is Penn State 8 spots ahead of them? And how is Nebraska 10 spots ahead with zero signature wins? How are they still in the top 10 after their loss? The only ranked win they have is against Oregon. Who is now 3-5 and about to fire their coach….

Not saying West Virginia is a top 10 team by any means. But they are sure as hell better than 20th. Just like Oklahoma is better than 14th. And just like Washington is better than 5th.

Get the committee back in there and keep them away from the booze.

Brutal brutal poll.

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