NFL Pick: Jaguars at Titans

Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans (-3)

It’s tough to tell which Jaguars team will show up. The one that played well against the Packers and beat the Colts? Or the one that saw CB Jalen Ramsey and DE Malik Jackson get ejected against the Raiders last week? Beating the Colts may not be that impressive, but it’s something the Titans couldn’t do last week. The Jaguars won’t be running the ball very well, and if QB Blake Bortles and his receivers can’t get it going against a poor Titans secondary, they probably never will this season. The Titans will be getting pressure on Bortles all night.

The Titans had a big opportunity against the Colts last week, but they couldn’t get it done. Marcus Mariota again had an up and down game, as he barely completed half his passes against a pretty bad defense. The Jaguars have a much better defense than the Colts do, especially against the pass. So, the Titans, as usual, will be leaning on DeMarco Murray most of the game. The Jags are in the middle of the pack in terms of stopping the run and getting sacks, but they will make it very difficult for the Tennessee receivers to get open.

I may be in the small minority, but I’m actually going to enjoy watching this game. Perhaps it’s because I have DeMarco Murray and (ugh) Allen Robinson in fantasy, but either way, this is an important game for both teams, and I expect it to stay close the whole way. Because of that, I’ll pick the Jaguars.

Pick: Jags 16 Titans 17

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