Indians & Cubs. World Series Preview

A classic battle between the two teams with the longest World Series championship droughts.

The Fall Classic begins tonight with the match-up everyone predicted last April, the Cleveland Indians vs. the Chicago Cubs. These two begin a best-of-7 series tomorrow night to put an end to the years of suffering both have endured.

The Chicago Cubs clinched their first NL Pennant since 1945 the other day and the scene at and outside Wrigley Field was electric. You would’ve thought they won the World Series already, which has me even more anxious to see what Wrigleyville looks like if they win it all.

Can the Cubs do it in 4 or 5 games to ensure a home field celebration? if you’re trying to be apart of any of those games at Wrigley, an easy $3,000 will provide you with the finest standing room ticket the Friendly Confines has to offer. If not, standing is always free outside the stadium or at a bar nearest you!

Cleveland clinched the AL Pennant on the road in Toronto, so the celebration wasn’t as extensive. Cleveland also hadn’t been kept out of the World Series for 71 years, but 19 years is still a long time. They had a taste of what it was like to have a championship last June and now they’re just getting greedy. They can’t stay away from winning championships in 2016.

Cleveland’s ticket is a little more realistic. When I say realistic I mean almost $800 to stand at Progressive Field for Game 1. If you’re willing to fork it over, good for you! I hope you get to see the best game to ever be played.

The Indians have been thriving in the Postseason thanks for some of the best bullpen pitching we’ve ever seen. The Cubs turned the bats on in Game 4 of the NLCS and are showing signs of slowing down.

Chicago Cubs

We’ll keep it short for both teams and recap game by game. We saw Jon Lester dominate hitters and Javy Baez turn the bat on at the right time of the NLCS. They were named co-MVP’s for the series against the Dodgers. Lester gets the ball Game 1 matching with Corey Kluber.

Kyle Schwarber is on the World Series roster for the Cubs after missing all season due to an ACL and LCL tear in the opening series this season. The Cubs said they plan to use Schwarber as a DH for the series. Schwarber played in the Arizona Fall League before being added to the World Series roster.

It’ll be interesting to see how Schwarber fares against Major League pitching after not facing it live for months. The kid has some pop in his bat, but not playing every day can hurt any hitter in baseball.

Cleveland Indians

The Indians also have a player returning from injury just in time for the World Series. Cleveland announced Danny Salazar will be on the roster for the Tribe after missing most of September and the first 2 rounds of the Postseason.

Obviously he will have a limited workload when called upon, but this could be huge for the Indians. I love Danny Salazar. I think he doesn’t get enough credit. All he needs to do is throw 3-5 innings in an outing and he will be good. Francona will manage the bullpen from there.

Cleveland will definitely use a 3-man rotation similar to the ALCS. Kluber, Tomlin and Bauer. Bauer and Tomlin will be determined who starts what game based on Bauer’s finger issue. If they chose not to start Salazar, he could be a great addition to an already dominant bullpen this Postseason.


I oddly remember having a conversation with a baseball fan back in 2007 talking about who would win a World Series first. The Indians or the Cubs.I chose it then and I’m sticking with it now, Cubs in 7. I want to get as much baseball as I can from this series.

It felt like they won in Chicago after that Game 6 win over the Dodgers and I think Baez, Russell and Rizzo stay hot to end the 108 year drought.

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