AL Wild Card Recap

Blue Jays 5, Orioles 2

This game did not disappoint. 11 innings ending in walk-off fashion thanks to a 3-run Edwin Encarnacion home run. Can’t wait to see what happens Wednesday night in the NL game.


Jose Bautista. He continues to hit big home runs when they count the most. He didn’t miss   a Chris Tillman breaking ball in the 2nd inning giving the Jays an early lead. Plus, he gets another chance at the Texas Rangers, which I’m sure everyone will be talking about leading into this series.

Edwin Encarnacion. Pretty self explanatory. A sac fly would have won it, so why not crush one to bring in 3 instead?

Darren O’Day. Coming in during the bottom of the 9th inning with guys on 1st and 2nd with one out and getting a huge double play ball from Jose Bautista. Beautifully turned by Jonathan Schoop.

Francisco Liriano. Liriano showed he can win a wild card game for the Pirates in 2013 and he does it again in 2016. Both times with Russell Martin as his battery mate. Came in for Roberto Osuna who left looking uncomfortable and threw 1.2 innings of 0 hit ball in extra innings and gets the W. Well done Frankie.

Baltimore Defense. With the exception of the Michael Bourn misplay in right. Three double plays turned and coming in key parts of the game. Adam Jones had a great read on a deep fly ball to right center with 2 outs in the 10th inning.

Troy Tulowitzki. Diving play at short and showing off the arm. Beautiful.

Toronto fans. What a moment for them going insane after the Edwin walk-off home run. They’ll be excited to rattle Rougned Odor in the ALDS.


Zach Britton. There is no game 164. This guy has to be thrown before you even think about throwing Ubaldo Jimenez. It has to suck knowing you didn’t get a chance to help your team see tomorrow. Britton was warming up in the 8th and was sat down for Brad Brach to throw into the 9th. You’re the best in the game at what you do and you get skipped over? Ouch. The guy is a Cy Young candidate. Come on.

Buck Showalter. Ubaldo over Britton seems a little odd. If I manage, as soon as Ubaldo puts  two guys on base with 1 out I am going straight to Britton. It screams double play, which you need. But look how John Gibbons managed Roberto Osuna. 1.1 innings (would’ve been longer if his shoulder didn’t act up) but he threw in the last 2 games of the season. He used his best pitchers in the situations that required his best pitcher.

Pedro Alvarez. Buck went with Michael Bourn in right field, putting Mark Trumbo at DH and Pedro Alvarez on the bench against a right handed pitcher. Pedro got benched in the 2015 wild card game with the Pirates against right hander Jake Arrieta too. Poor guy. 3 straight wild card losses for him.

Ubaldo Jimenez. He was solid down the stretch, but awful to start the year. Buck was right to trust him, but he was awful. The first pitch fastball over the plate to Encarnacion when you need a double play is something you probably don’t want to do, but no turning back now. He was getting hit hard before Edwin came to the plate. He didn’t have it at all.

Toronto Fan. To the guy who threw the bottle at Kim. You’re a douche.

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