FINALLY! Backyard Brawl is Back!

Jamie Dixon leaves and 5 minutes (5 months) later, the Backyard Brawl is back on! Not hard to figure out that he was the one holding everything back. As well as Steve Pederson, the worst AD in AD history. Now we have Kevin Stallings in Oakland, and from what I see, he isn’t afraid to play us. Huggs has been an advocate for getting this series back since we join the Texas conference and now it is finally a reality. A four year basketball appetizer leading up to our four year football main course. LETS GO.

But, just because I am NEVER satisfied, here is my negative take on it…

Why can’t we play every year in every sport?

Why is this only a four year series? Why is football only a four year series?

Why can’t we lock it in long term in both big sports?

Iowa-Iowa State

Clemson-South Carolina

Georgia-Georgia Tech


Even Cincinnati and Miami of Ohio play every year. If these schools can make it work, even in the difficult scheduling environment of today’s college sports world, there is NO EXCUSE not to play every year, in every sport, for ever and ever and ever.

Make that happen and then, and only then, will this guy be satisfied.

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