College Football Week 4 Thoughts

Hello again friends. It is time for another installment of College Football Weekly Thoughts by TheHatWearer. Enjoy.

Lets get right to it. Notre Dame STIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNKKKKKSSSSS. 1-3. ONE AND THREE. How many “experts” are acting like they didn’t have them in top 10 to start the year and most of them considered the Irish a real playoff contender…

Let’s look at the rest of the underachievers thus far in the season:

USC. 1-3. Clay Helton. Bad hire. Long year ahead. But hey, at least LA has the Rams!

UCLA. 2-2. Another potential playoff team by the experts. Good call.

Yeah, never mind on LA. Bad football all around.

Georgia. Maybe the worst 3-1 team in the country? Squeaking by Nicholls State and Missouri. Then getting absolutely slaughtered at Ole Miss, who definitely is the best 2-2 team in the country. If they were ranked in the top 10, I doubt anyone would even have a problem with it.

Iowa. 3-1. Losing to North Dakota State might not be as bad as only beating Rutgers 14-7. What a terrible B1G matchup. Just brutal. Thoughts and prayers to anyone who sat through that whole game. Iowa is in trouble.

LSU. 2-2. Poor Les Miles. Guy wins a national title. Wins like 90% of his games. Recruits like crazy (except quarterbacks). And is genuinely loved by his players and fans alike…..

Oregon. 2-2. New uniform every week. Same mediocre team every week as well. Losing to Colorado in Eugene isn’t a good look even with Colorado being on the rise.

Cal. 2-2. Hey Bears, figure out if you are good or not and let us know. Cause honestly, we have no idea. Crush Hawaii. Lose to San Diego State. Beat Texas. Lose to Arizona State. FIGURE IT OUT. One thing is for sure though. Cal’s defense. Woof.


Sense a theme there? Pac 12 is all over the place. I can understand the SEC having some ups and downs but the Pac 12 as a whole has just been wildly inconsistent.

Teams that showed me something this week:

Western Michigan. 4-0. Only Directional Michigan school to win this week. And beating a quality Georgia Southern team is solid. PJ Fleck is a beautiful mind. Only potential losses on their schedule the rest of the year is Akron and Toledo. Very real chance the Broncos go 12-0….


Colorado. 3-1. Is Colorado good again? They ran out of steam against Michigan but otherwise, they look like a bowl bound team. It’s about time Colorado is good again.

Wake Forest. 4-0. Two wins against Power 5 schools already. And truthfully, with how bad the bottom of the ACC is, they could really go 9-3. No, seriously. Stop laughing please and look for yourself…


How easy is that schedule?

Tennessee. 4-0. I retract my statement from last week. Vols are pretty decent. They’ll lose to Alabama but 11-1 is going to happen in Knoxville.

Wisconsin. 4-0. Two solid wins against LSU and Michigan State but one head scratching panicky 1-score win against Georgia State. Weird. But 4-0 is 4-0.

Arizona State. 4-0. Ha, just kidding. Todd Graham can’t sustain this. 9-3 at best for the Sun Devils. You’ll see.

And the best of the weekend is very easy.


I mean, be softer Pitt. Just need a stop. One stop and the game is yours. But instead, they choose to let the Tar Heels march right down the field and stomp on their throats. I LOVE IT.


For sure not.


As mediocre a conference as you can get and Pitt is wedged solidly into that mediocrity party.

Marshall update:


Ouch. It’s ok though. They can redeem themselves this Saturday at Heinz Field. Go Herd.

Until next week…



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