When Will It End?

After a police shooting in Tulsa, Oklahoma and then another shooting in Charlotte which has sparked riots by protestors, I must switch from the sarcastic sports write ups and visit this real life political situation and try to make our millions and millions of viewers understand, this needs to stop.

No, not the shootings, but the ABSURD responses to instances of police men and women doing their jobs. Do not get me wrong, sometimes officers of the law make mistakes. It happens. They are human after all. But the fact is, they have a difficult and extremely thankless job. And within that job, they have protocols to follow that dictates how situations are handled and attempts to limit how they can escalate. And most times, for them, it is a real matter of life and death. It is our duty as Americans, to follow instructions given by law enforcement and why shouldn’t we make it easy on them to follow through with their tasks? If we choose not to comply, we are the assholes, not them.

For example, if I am told by police to stop and put my hands up, and I refuse that order and walk away from the police, I am a non complying asshole. If I walk away from police, specifically telling me to stop moving, and up to my parked vehicle and place my hands inside of that vehicle, what am I supposed to think is going to happen to me? I am a threat to their safety and wellbeing. They are totally within their right to do something about it. What if I have a gun in the vehicle, or another weapon? Why am I reaching in the car? Stupid move by me. And people can yell and scream that the victim was innocent and unarmed until they are blue in the face. But the fact is, if the victim was as innocent as they claim, why on earth didn’t he just comply with the officers’ orders and stop moving until they can put a handle on the situation. The victim would still be alive and nobody would be protesting anything. Pretty simple.

In Charlotte, people are protesting the killing of a man who got out of his vehicle with a gun. I do not know the reasoning behind this, but you can make whatever assumptions or excuses you want. The man got out of his vehicle with a weapon. A weapon that’s only existence on this earth is to eliminate another human. What did he think was going to happen? Please tell me. And as a police officer, what are you supposed to do? If you don’t shoot him, and he is a threat, which at the time, you really have no idea what this stranger is capable of, then what? You could be dead. A complying citizen would stay in his vehicle or exit his vehicle, unarmed, exactly how the police would instruct them to. And if they do, and are as innocent as everybody claims, they would be on their merry way in minutes and definitely not wounded by a police issued gun. Am I wrong? Nope.

And then we have the protestors. About 90%(probably more) of them have no idea what they are actually protesting. They just hear that a black man has been shot so they rush out there to break stuff. The riots ongoing in Charlotte are the perfect example of how this all is so ridiculously out of control and unreasonable. They don’t have an end game. They don’t have a purpose. They just enjoy chaos. I mean, people are literally looting the Charlotte Hornets team shop. Because nothing says “black lives matter” like stealing from MJ. And these race crusaders do understand that a black individual shot another black individual, right? That is correct guys. A black police officer shot the black man wielding a gun. This is how stupid people are…

“The police just shot my daddy four times for being black” -the apparent daughter of the Charlotte victim.

Um, the officer who shot “daddy” was black also. Why would he shoot your daddy for being the same color!!!!!? That is some beautifully crafted reasoning. And that is why the riots are happening. Because of race. 100% because of race. THE SHOOTER AND THE VICTIM WERE THE SAME. Find another reason to hit police officers in the face with rocks and steal Michael Kidd-Gilchrist jerseys, please.

What if, stay with me now, what if the black man getting out of his vehicle with a gun would have shot and killed the black police officer? Would there be people in the streets crying for black lives to matter then? No chance. Just another pig dead as far as they are concerned. And what is the difference? Really nothing. Nothing. Am I wrong? I think you know that I am not.

And I am NOT on the side of white or black or yellow or green. I have written other articles stating that the racial tensions need to be squashed. The protesting of the flag, the national anthem, and just about everything else that we have that should be symbols of pride and respect, needs to stop. Why do we come together as a society every time something bad happens, like 9/11, school shootings, or terrorist acts? Because we are Americans. If we are able to join together in times of tragedy, it should be extremely easy to live in harmony during times of peace. The only problem is ourselves. 



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