For Sale: Tim Tebow

Did Michael Jordan get this much hype when he decided to retire from the NBA to play professional baseball in 1994? Maybe. It was a different world with media then. But at least he was good at his prior sport.

Tim Tebow reported to Port St. Lucie, Florida yesterday for his first professional workout with his new club. Tebow joins the instructional league that takes place for a few weeks with nearly 60 other rookies getting their first taste of professional baseball. There is no difference between Tim Tebow and the rest of the prospects trying to make it as a professional baseball player. Oh, wait. There is one. You can buy a Tim Tebow jersey!

For $119, you could be the proud owner of a New York Mets Tim Tebow jersey! The best part is his jersey was #1 in sales yesterday passing Big Papi and Kris Bryant. Big Papi is having a career year in his final season. Kris Bryant is a 24 year old stud about to win his first MVP award. Tim Tebow is a 29 year old who hasn’t played baseball since he was in high school.

Now to me, if I’m spending $119 on a jersey, which I have done, I’m getting someone I can watch for years to come and that will mean something to the franchise. Sure, Tebow looks good being back in blue and orange and wearing his old college football number 15, but he signed a bridge agreement with Majestic last week to put his name and number on jerseys for sale. But I’d rather commit that money to, I don’t know, someone named Noah Syndergaard?

Typically, teams aren’t selling merchandise with the names of a minor league player on it. I couldn’t go onto the Pirates shop and get an Austin Meadows jersey yet. I could custom make one, but why would I? He’s not on the 40-man roster yet, like Tebow. You usually can’t buy a player jersey off an MLB site until they are on the 25-man roster. Just how things have been in the past.

I think its hilarious they’re plastering #15 Tebow everywhere. So what if Johnny McWhatever comes to the show and wants to wear #15. Do the Mets tell him no? Cause that number is saved for Tim! Or does Johnny give up his number to Tebow if he ever gets the call?

It’s all just a sales job. Go to the Mets shop now and look. His names on it all.

No need to talk about what happened in the tight AL East and AL Wild Card race last night because Tim Tebow reported to an instructional league with a few 17 year olds. Tell me one other time where a development player reporting to a workout in September was the headline in baseball…

The Mets own his contract now and can market him however they want. But is that all they want to do with him? They say no, but lots will say yes. I heard they want to start selling Tebow merch at Citi Field. How would you respond to that if it was your team?

I’m not rooting for failure, I hope he makes it to the bigs. Defy the odds, Tim. Set your mind to what you want and achieve it. That’s great. It’s unlikely, and improbable, but you never know…


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