College Football Week 3 Thoughts

So Week 3 is in the books and there is plenty to talk about. Lets do a little rundown of things that stick out.

-The Service Academies are 8-0. Navy, Air Force, and even Army are all undefeated. Army just ripped UTEP apart scoring 66 points. Just awesome to see. The Army-Navy game is always fun to watch but is this the year for Army to break their losing streak?

-The amount of scares were plentiful. How many P5 team fans crapped their pants thinking their were going to lose this weekend? Answer: A lot.

screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-11-10-30-amscreen-shot-2016-09-18-at-11-11-04-amscreen-shot-2016-09-18-at-11-11-18-amscreen-shot-2016-09-18-at-11-11-34-amscreen-shot-2016-09-18-at-11-11-47-amscreen-shot-2016-09-18-at-11-11-58-amscreen-shot-2016-09-18-at-11-12-30-amscreen-shot-2016-09-18-at-11-13-29-am-The parity in football is reaching college basketball levels. Anybody can win on any given Saturday. I’m going to make a bold claim and say not one team will go undefeated to get to the playoffs this year.

-Do defenses exist anymore? 58 teams scored more than 30 points this week. 30 games scored more than 60 points combined. Can we get a stop here and there? Maybe some punts? I mean Army scored 66 points this weekend. Lots of defensive coordinators out there who should be getting hot in the seat.

-There are a TON of bad teams out there. And just a few decent ones. Overrated/overhyped or however you want to say it, underachieving teams are all over the map. And it’s only week 3.

Florida State….getting embarrassed by Louisville? Yikes. I’m telling you, I know Lamar Jackson is good, but Louisville is still Louisville. Don’t be fooled.

TCU….not motivated and no real weapons to sustain success.

Texas….obviously not as good as previously thought.

Oklahoma….my god….Oklahoma. Just pack it up and try again next year.

Iowa….you can’t lose to FCS. Even if it is North Dakota State. Shout out to former WVU baseball and women’s basketball voice and current NDSU voice, Jeff Culhane, on the call for the Biiiizon.

Notre Dame….really bad. When your Head Coach looks over at the Defensive Coordinator in the middle of the game and says “What the f*ck are you doing?”….you might be on the decline.

BYU….two close losses. Lets hope we can pretty much end their season next week.

Oregon….mediocre in every sense of the word. But at least they have cool uniforms, right?

USC….laughably bad. Punting down 3 scores in the 4th quarter. Gotta pin them back, huh?

Tennessee….worst 3-0 team in the history of college football? Close games against Appy State and Ohio. Not a good look.

LSU…lost to Wisconsin who should have lost to Georgia State. Then almost lost to a bad Mississippi State team. Bad team. But they still have this guy…

Then you have your teams that are extremely underrated or pretty much invisible:

Houston…Though not for long. Juggernaut in the making. Theres a little game on their schedule in mid November that people might be interested in. Thats right, a big time visit from the Green Wave of Tulane.


South Florida…Crawling out of the basement they have been in for the last decade. Scary team right now. Also, not a bad option for a Big 12 invite down the road if they can sustain this rise.

Miami…I hate to say it but yeah, Miami might actually be on the way to relevance again. Pretty easy slate so far but the next 6 games will be very telling for them. Could go 6-0, could go 0-6.

Nebraska…Scoring points and winning games. Next 4 are easy so expect them to be 7-0 before going TO Wisconsin and TO Ohio State. That is tough.

Directional Michigan….It seems as though all of Michigan is tough right now. With one loss between the five schools so far, thats a pretty good start. Sure we can dump Eastern Michigan in a few weeks, but Central and Western Michigan are actually good. Three P5 wins already between them and that certified psycho, PJ Fleck, is going to get a big time job really soon.

San Diego State….3-0 and not another potential loss in sight the rest of the year.

Washington…Chris Peterson is an awesome coach. But they have played NOBODY so far. What can you learn from Rutgers, Idaho, and Portland State? I’ll wait to give them praise.

Arkansas….3-0 and a tough stretch on the horizon. But with this guy in charge, who could root against them?


And lets take a look at the best of the weekend….


Hey Marshall, it’s Akron. Not the New England Patriots. How do you get beat down that bad, at home? And remember, CBS Sports said that Marshall was the best team in West Virginia. Good call.

But, if you are a Mountaineer fan, you can’t hate on Marshall for very long. We are all huge Herd fans for the next two weeks.


Which brings us to Pitt…


Good effort Panthers. It’s a shame the Big 12 is just too tough for you.

And then we have the most ridiculous lack of common sense of the weekend…




Is this kicker serious? A frantic situation in the closing seconds. People rushing around to get lined up and you are taking your steps like its a Tuesday afternoon practice? Just stand there, take a step and kick it. It’s a 19 yard FG. Takes no effort at all for a Division 1 kicker to get it through. And then then best part is after he measured his steps out down to the millimeter, he shanks it into the next county. It’s almost harder to miss that field goal than make it. Cut that kid. Immediately.

On to Week 4. Beat BYU. Lets go Marshall. Eat Shit Pitt.

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