The Redskins are Butt and Daniel Snyder is a Pungent Fart

The Redskins are a butt franchise. Their owner is the narcissistic embodiment of a coffee enema that you’d get at a trendy cafe in some gentrified yuppie stronghold. He’s like a really expensive brand of scotch that is actually terrible, only his college pal Bernard set the prices, so it doesn’t matter and he’s able to personally piss in every bottle. Ole Sperry penis is also responsible for the predatory parking schemes that many other venues, and to an extent WVU, have started employing. Remember this the next time your’re being dropped off 20 miles away from the stadium on gameday. Plus, I’m pretty sure he has a wallet made out the skin of the Native Americans that dared suggest he change the name of his franchise.  Arrogant shitrat. I can’t wait for him to start an expansion team here in West Virginia and name it “The Appalachian Inbreds.” Screw him and their 64 year old looking quarterback. Shitiot looks like he was made out of the extra ligaments torn from Bob3’s (RIP) knee. “You like that?” No I don’t like that Kirk Cousins, and I hope that your stupid franchise gets shoved up Donald Trump’s butt as a consolation prize for losing the election to an actual corpse. Shit man the rage is back with the NFL. Here we go……..

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