It’s Penn State-Pitt Delusion Week!

Pitt and Penn State fans, who appear to be on an island of delusion, will have their day of reckoning this Saturday. Multiple fantasies surround this match up and the reality is, NOBODY OUTSIDE PENNSYLVANIA CARES.

It obviously wasn’t a big enough TV draw considering it is the Noon game on ESPN. Usually reserved for a Michigan State-Western Michigan type affair, that is the slot worthy of this kitty cat pillow fight. Sure, there are some stories surrounding the game that are decent.

James Conner beating cancer and coming back strong is very nice. Nobody will ever dispute that. Exceptional young man. Great story.

James Franklin on the hot seat is another. Yet you won’t find a college football news outlet that cares enough to give it a full segment. Penn State has been an afterthought in the college football world on the field. Off the field, there is plenty to talk about. Everybody knows what I mean by that, but I will not get into it as it has already been covered long enough. That whole ordeal needs to die. And the psychos that keep defending what happened and who was at fault need to stop.

But the real story that I want to dive into is the monumental ignorance by the administrators about what the attendance figures will be.

Many articles have been written about it and they contain so much bullshit, it is scary. Scott Barnes just spewing nonsense all over the place.

Pitt sold 55,000+ season tickets. Great. Barnes thinks that the Penn State game had nothing to do with that and the Panther fans gobbled them all up based on passion and excitement for this season. Wrong. So sooooooo wrong.

If he really believes that, why were there only 50,000 at the game this past Saturday. That can’t be right. That means that, not only were there ZERO single game tickets sold. But also, almost 6,000 people didn’t even bother to show up OR give their tickets away on one of the prettiest days of the year. Explain that one Mr. Barnes.

And he says they will have an extremely pro-Pitt crowd at the game on Saturday because they did data research and staggered ticket sales for Pitt fans only to have first access to the Penn State game tickets. Oh yeah? Well then explain how I know of at least four different people who bought season tickets for Pitt in order to go to ONE game. That’s right, the Penn State game. They shelled out $150 each to get lower level seats for the whole season just to go to one game. And the one guy said he was just going to throw the rest of the tickets away because it would be too much of a hassle to post them on StubHub just to get $3 back for every other Pitt game this season.

And to make such a bold claim, like Barnes has done, is pretty moronic when you can very easily disprove it. Not only with the sea of white that will fill the yellow seats at Heinz Field on Saturday, but also the pathetic crowds that will fail to fill their rented stadium for the remainder of the season.

But yeah sure, what Barnes says didn’t happen, that factually DID happen, didn’t actually happen. Does that make any sense? He thinks it does. And for someone as delusional as Scott Barnes and the rest of the Pitt contingent, keep firing out those blatant lies. Pitt might be the only fan base in America that will believe them. After all, they have a history of make believe. 9 National Titles….remember?


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