Smoked Glass May Be An Issue.


One of the many new stadium upgrades done to the stadium before this season includes smoked glass in the concourse, which used to be clear. I give it an A+ for looks…….BUT, I can’t see the field while I’m getting my 2nd quarter Jersey sub or my “every 6 minutes” Bud Light.

For those of you that have been to an NHL game or some NFL stadiums, you have probably seen this before (they usually use curtains that the usher opens at a stoppage of play). It does stop people from just milling around the concourse and clogging up the isles. But being the courteous man that I am, if play is going on on the field, I will stand at the top of the section so I’m not walking in front of people as they try to see whats going on. So I guess I’m not a fan of the application of these windows although they do look good.

To the people of section 131, I apologize in advance for walking in front of you.

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