Week 1 Depth Chart – Quick Observations

Hey all. Just saw that our week 1 depth chart was released, and though it is mostly unchanged since the one they released a few weeks ago, I still wanted to write up some quick thoughts.

First, some notable exceptions:

The first thing that a lot of people will notice that Adam Pankey and Xavier Preston are missing from the 2-deep. Though most of people of the people checking a week 1 depth chart will know that they’re suspended, for anyone who doesn’t and somehow stumbled upon this article: they’re suspended. It’s been expected for a while now as well, so don’t panic thinking that we have to figure out replacements in the next 4 days.

Tony Matteo for Pankey at LG 

I actually feel good about Tony stepping in for Adam for a week. He’ll have his hands full with that Tiger d-line, but he’s a 5th year senior and a big dude who’s been around the block with us. I think he’ll do just fine.

No Marcus Simms 

As excited as I am to see a 5th year senior like Devonte Mathis get onto the 2-deep, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t kinda looking forward to seeing what Simms can do. The guy had been drawing rave reviews at camp, so I was surprised not to see him on there. If Mathis can step in and play well enough that we can redshirt both Simms and Smothers though, I’m all for that, as well.

Sam Sandwisch

This time I’m surprised to see a true freshman who did make it. Though it’s surely due to Xavier Preston’s absence, it’s still exciting to see Zach get on there. He’s been overlooked a bit with all the excitement around Brendan Ferns and Logan Thimons, but I loved his tape in HS and I’m excited to see what happens if he gets thrown into the fire. He’s a bit bigger than Justin Arndt and hits like a brick wall, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him out there on running downs.

We have corners!

This is the first really big revelation, but we finally have an answer to the question that’s been scaring WVU fans since Daryl Worley declared for the draft: who the hell is gonna play corner back? For now it looks like it’ll be Miami transfer Antonio Crawford and Rasul Douglas, though I’m expecting a fluid situation with Kyeremeh and MO Fleming also getting plenty of snaps. Mizzou doesn’t have a ton of firepower in the outside, so hopefully these guys are able to go out and handle their business.

And finally, KYZIR!

The most exciting development from a few weeks ago is that the youngest White brother has finally usurped the starting Spur spot from Marvin Gross. Though I have nothing against Gross, and think his time in the program probably means he has a higher floor than his counterpart, Kyzir’s a much better athlete and his ceiling is off the charts. I’m excited to see what he can do out there, and have a warm, cozy feeling inside of me knowing that we’ll have a White bro out there for the majority of our snaps.

Only 114 hours and change to go, fellas. LET’S GO!

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