Miller Park – Ballpark Review

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All pictures included were taken by me.

Miller ParkMilwaukee, WI


For my 9th ballpark I took a trip out to Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers. Miller park opened in 2001 and seats 41,900.

Miller Park stands a couple miles west of downtown Milwaukee. It is located on the same site where the old Milwaukee County Stadium once stood.


There is a plaque to show where the plate was located in the old park.

The Milwaukee Braves played there from 1953-1965, then the Brewers moved in after one year in Seattle in 1970. The area is surrounded by massive parking lots where fans love to show up early to tailgate. This might be the best tailgating scene in baseball. There aren’t any bars or restaurants around the park so fans show up to grill and drink plenty of beer. There are ice vending machines all around the parking lots for those who need extra or forgot to bring ice.

Parking is easy because the park is surrounded by the massive lots that all allow tailgating. Miller Park offers a free shuttle that makes stops at popular bars and hotels outside the city. A list can be found on their website. There is a designated lot of Uber/Lyft drop off & pick up where plenty of cars line up post game to make using these services hassle free.

This park is very accessible. It is right off Interstate 94 and is well labeled. The parking lots can clog up a bit leaving the game since they’re so big. The Uber/Lyft pickup lot has a separate way onto the interstate to make for a smooth and timely exit. I didn’t drive so I didn’t get to see prices for the parking lot.

The first thing that caught my attention when I got to this park was the size of the park itself. Miller Park has a unique fan-style retractable roof that is made up of 7 panels, 5 of which move to cover the park. The highest part of the roof is 330 feet tall. The outside of the park is brick and looks great with the massive green roof on top. Aside from the tailgating, there isn’t much to do outside the park.

Miller Park’s surface is natural grass. To maintain the grass year-round they have these big lights that they roll out onto the field at night to create artificial sunlight to keep the grass healthy. It seems like a really big hassle, but the field looks great.

IMG_1869You can find a couple statues outside the park of Hank Aaron and Bob Uecker. There’s also a statue commemorating the three workers that died during the construction of Miller Park. A crane collapsed and the three men lost their lives.

The first thing I noticed as I walked inside the park is how clean the concourses were. The concourses were wide and didn’t have any traffic build up. There is always a clear view of the field from them and you can find a beer stand or vendor every 15 feet. There are tons of kids areas with different stuff to do on all levels of the park.

Brats, cheese and brews. It’s called Miller Park. The MillerCoors Brewery is a mile away from the stadium (which offers awesome free tours), so there is plenty of Miller Lite and Miller High Life flowing at this park. There’s no better food at this park than their bratwurst. The brats at this park outsell the standard hot dogs and are delicious. They have a “secret stadium sauce” that you can add on your brat, it was amazing. Definitely try it out. You’re in Wisconsin, so you got to have some cheese curds. It’s 5 bucks for a brat and 6 for a beer. Not bad for a ballpark.

I got to witness a game with the roof open and one with it closed. I am definitely a fan of it with the roof open. It feels more like a ballgame when it’s open. There are retracting windows on the wall beyond the outfield that open and allow better airflow into the park. When the roof is closed it feels like you are sitting in an airplane hangar. It takes less than 10 minutes to open or close the roof. The roof creates some crazy shadows that messes with hitters and fielders when it is open during day games.

If you head to the last row in section 422 you can find a statue of legendary Brewer’s broadcaster Bob Uecker. The statue is to honor the broadcaster and his hilarious Miller Lite commercial from the 70’s and 80’s. See below.

The seats around the Uecker statue are obstructed with two pillars that support the roof. They’re known as the “best seats in the house” from the commercial and are sold for very cheap. Go take a picture with this Brewers legend.


Tickets for Miller Park are very cheap. I sat 10 rows behind the plate for $30 and first row of the second deck for $20. The club level is in the 3rd deck and I got a first row seat in that section for $18. This place definitely gives you great value for your money.


Friday night.


Saturday night.


Sunday afternoon.

There isn’t anything too unique about the walls or the dimensions of this park, but it plays as a hitters park. The ball carries well here for some reason. It is 345 down the lines and 400 to center.

The fans at Miller Park are awesome. The Brewers have the smallest TV market out of any MLB team, but these fans make Milwaukee a great baseball city. Everyone was friendly and went out of their way to talk to me and provide suggestions for the park and city. You would expect to see more drunk idiots in a park that has such a massive tailgating scene, but that isn’t the case at all. They showed up with 35,000+ on a Saturday night for a team with a horrible record. I respect that.

There is a big yellow slide above the seats in left field. It’s connected to a place called ‘Bernie’s Dugout.” It’s where you can find the Brewers mascot, Bernie Brewer, scheming during the game. Whenever the Brewers hit a home run, Bernie heads down the slide in celebration. A big sign with Uecker’s famous home run call, “Get up, Get up, Get outta here, Gone!” lights up above the dugout. I want to go down that slide.

I really enjoyed this park. The biggest con to me was the distance away from the downtown area or any kind of area at all. There is very little airflow in this park even with the roof open, so it can get a little stuffy in the park. The roof is nice to have in April with the crummy weather that hits Milwaukee, but I’m all about baseball being outdoors. The 400 level seats are pretty far away from the field being so high up, but just buy lower seats since they’re so cheap.

Overall, 8/10.



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