Another Uniform Fail For WVU

This write up will be very much up for debate which is totally fine. Even my co-writer here at UnFairWeatherFan disagrees with me but if there is one thing I get fired up about, it’s uniforms. It is very very easy to look good when you take the field in any sport. But it is even easier to look bad (sign with adidas and it is pretty much guaranteed). With the announcement of the uniform our boys will be wearing against Missouri next Saturday, a very big missed opportunity has presented itself. And we should not be surprised because it happens nearly every year it seems.

First the announcement…

So there it is. Everybody knows it is our 125th year of football at WVU and they decided to slap the logo on a plain white helmet with white facemask. Not a blue facemask. No blue/gold stripe. No color to speak of. Just a plain white helmet that looks like it was just bought at Dick’s Sporting Goods. But lets dive in a little more and see how the decision makers are slapping us fans in the face with their cheap spin zoning tactics…

“In honor of the 125-year celebration, the Mountaineers will be wearing the special WVU 125 logo on their helmets along with a uniform combo worn by WVU teams of the 60s.”

Oh yeah? Uniforms that we wore in the 60s huh?



Tell me, do you think ONE person in attendance or watching at home on TV will see the Mountaineers take the field and be like, “OH MY GOODNESS, WHAT A LOOK! THEY LOOK JUST LIKE THE TEAMS OF THE 60s!”

No. Not one.

These are our current uniforms. These are not throwbacks. So why declare that they are meant to be throwbacks? If you want to honor the past with throwbacks, why not get ACTUAL THROWBACKS?

And this isn’t the first time they’ve done this. When we wear the awesome actual throwback helmets, we still wear the current set of uniforms. Are we incapable of completing the set? Maryland did it, Virginia did it, Baylor did it, Oregon did it, Boston College did it, Georgia Tech did it, Texas Tech did it…I could go on and on. These teams went head to toe throwback uniforms. And they looked awesome every time.

You see how easy it is to look great? When you do a throwback, you have to do more than wear the appropriate colors and call it a day. Just wearing a gold jersey doesn’t inflict nostalgia for the olden days. And you know what pisses me off the most…



We can’t do it right but Pitt can?



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