Colin Kaepernick Is Confused

Colin Kaepernick decided to make a stand last night by sitting during the national anthem. This was apparently to protest the racial oppression that the country is somehow responsible for. A common theme on this site is rationalization. It gets brought up quite a bit because of how short sided and stupid the actions of society and sports have been recently. Lots and lots of stupidity. Well lets take a step back and look at this with a little bit of rational thinking. Colin Kaepernick is a dumbass.

Quick background…He was born in America, more specifically, Wisconsin, to a white mother while his black father disappeared before he was born. He was adopted by a normal American white family who gave him, what appears to be a spectacular childhood where every opportunity was afforded to him. He went to college, where he was given a scholarship (he also received many other scholarship offers in baseball, which coincidentally is called America’s past time), at Nevada, which is in America. He excelled and was drafted into the NFL where he signed for many many American dollars. Currently his deal is for $114 MILLION. He gets paid around $19 million a year to play a game.

To play a game. In how many countries can that happen? How many countries can you get paid that ungodly amount of money to play a game?

While millions of Americans, with back breaking jobs that lead to measly bank accounts, buy his jersey and spend their paychecks to see him play a game, Mr. Kaepernick feels that he doesn’t need to stand with them for the national anthem, but rather that he needs to take a stand (by sitting) for the oppression that is faced by people of color. People of color only? While this is a hot topic in the media these days, Kaepernick has it so wrong by using this display as a form of protest.

So I offer these solutions…

If Kaepernick feels so strongly about how terrible this country is, then leave. Move to a country that has real problems. Go to Syria and see how those people are doing. In America, our biggest problem is people killing innocent people. People, doesn’t matter what color because it is all colors, causing terror to other Americans. And the ONLY people that stand up to them is people of one color, blue. Police officers and emergency responders head to the problem while everybody else runs away. How about instead of selfishly thinking that only black people have problems, you open your eyes to all the other issues in today’s society. Remember when a black man caused terror in Dallas? Remember when a middle eastern man caused terror in Orlando? Remember when a cowardly white kid caused terror in Charleston, SC? Colin needs a reality check. We are all in this together. Notice how we all come together after these horrible situations? Color doesn’t matter. That is the American way. Open your eyes Colin. Think about the opportunities you have had in your life. What other country would have put you in the position you have today. None.

And in an extreme case of hypocrisy, Kaepernick has no problems depositing his massive American paychecks into an American bank. If he feels so strongly about this oppression situation, why not donate most of that money to the cause. Take almost all of that $19 million each year and give to those people you believe are being oppressed. Ease their suffering Colin. Do you really need a million dollar house and 500 pairs of shoes? If you feel so strongly about this, respond financially. But that will never happen. Obviously Kaepernick likes enjoying his money but doesn’t think it is necessary to respect and honor the country that gave it to him.

Yeah Colin, in the face of oppression, you are the man.


One comment

  1. Ain’t that the damn truth..if u don’t like America then get the hell out and then be done with it.. cya later.. don’t let the door hit ya


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