A Call For Unity

With the season only 8 short(long) days away, and the flurry of fan activity on all message boards and social media outlets, we need to take a step back and understand something. Who we are, what we are, and what the realistic expectations should be.

Now, don’t get me wrong, myself and other contributors on this site are some of the most optimistic fools about the old gold and blue. Mainly because we want our team to reach the unimaginable goal of being the last team standing at the end of the season. Just like every other fan. That is what we dream of. But the reality does not escape us that this goal is practically impossible. We understand we are just not a top level program and probably will never be. It just is not feasible with our economy, our culture, and our place on the map. We have had a TON of success for a middle of the road program. Way more than most. And it has been an absolute joy to experience all of that. But the average Mountaineer fan does not understand that what we have done is incredible and should be over the moon about our accomplishments. But they are not realistic and they are blind.

Lets take a look at a routine take you will hear or read on a day to day basis in the Mountaineer internet community….

If Holgorsen doesn’t win 10 games this year, he has to go.

Oh really? Why? Is the Big 12 that gettable year in and year out that we should be winning 10 games? You are crazy if you view this conference as easy. It is NOT, at all. Dana has put together a great staff. He has given Tony Gibson the keys to the defense and that has paid off tremendously. He has brought in great recruiters, seen major upgrades to our facilities, and shown that he can learn from his mistakes as a coach. I think he has matured greatly in his years here. And truly, he is a bargain. Because who can we realistically lure to come here? Some brainless idiots really do think we can get Nick Saban. They think we can just go out and get Jimbo Fisher. LSU was willing to pay $30+ million for Jimbo Fisher. Is Holgorsen so bad that we need to pay THIRTY MILLION DOLLARS to get rid of him? Give me a break. And then people say we can get a top assistant to come here. Like who….a Dana Holgorsen of 5 years ago? So we would start all over again and give up all the recruiting advances we have made. Once again, give me a break. That is absurd thinking.

Do you, the average fan, understand the depth we have these days? Do you understand that only a decade and a half ago, we lost our collective minds as a football community when we would win 7 games and go to the CarQuest Bowl? And that was with a Hall of Fame coach. And lets not forget us running off Bobby Bowden (ever heard of him?). Are we going to do the same thing again? And no, I am not saying Dana is the next Bobby Bowden. But to think that we could go out and get whoever we want is so ignorant and embarrassing to listen to every day. We can’t. So settle in. This is our staff and they are pretty freaking good.

Another item of concern with the general public is Skyler Howard.

You’d think this kid is actively sabotaging our entire program the way some people call for his head. The kid can throw for 785 yards and 6 TDs but the moment he tries to do too much and throws an INT, everybody clamors for William Crest or Chris Chugunov. Oddly enough though, these experts do not attend practice. They do not sit in on meetings or anything that would give them a functionally rational reason why these guys should be immediately inserted, Skyler benched, and possibly tarred and feathered. The people with these opinions are MORONS. Do you think Dana puts Skyler in the game to lead his offense, the one he has to answer for, even though he is the 3rd best QB on the roster? Do you think he wants to give us the 3rd best chance to win? People are so stupid sometimes it makes my head spin. And now I’m about to say something that might make some people’s head explode….

Skyler Howard is a good football player.

There I said it. And not only is he a good football player, he is an exceptional Mountaineer. He is OUR quarterback. He works his ass off at practice, in the weight room, in the film room, and especially on game day for US. He tries to be the best player he can be so that the West Virginia Mountaineers have the best chance to win. Shocking I know. He spins it, he can run, and he is a tremendous competitor. In fact, most of his mistakes are because he wants to do incredible things. He wants to make plays. He wants to win more than anything. If you think otherwise, you need to go play in traffic. He is going to make some amazing plays and he is going to make mistakes. You know why? Cause he is a college football player. Alabama QBs make mistakes. Oregon QBs make mistakes. It happens. He’s our guy in 2016. Get behind him. End of story.

If you have read any of Pinto’s position previews…which are beyond awesome by the way. That dude can write…you would see what we have. There is so much to get excited about. Especially for the future. Young talent everywhere. And do you think Dana might have had something to do with that. He has finally built this roster into his own. Are we going to lose some games that we should win this year, of course. Are we going to win games we should probably lose, absolutely. Thats what makes college football great. It is perfectly fine to get frustrated with dumb plays and dumb calls that occur throughout the season. It is perfect acceptable to put some blame on the coaches and staff for mistakes and losses. But just once I would like to see and hear an extreme lack if idiotic opinions from our fan base. At least in section 123. One can dream, right?



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