What Is Joey Bosa Doing?

With slotted money for rookies these days, there really should never ever ever ever be any dispute like this for drafted players. Basically Joey Bosa has turned this into a circus. And whether it is him, his mom, or his moronic agent, this has to end. After today, it is very clear that it is Bosa who is being the problem. If I was his teammate (I don’t even know if you can call them teammates considering he flat out refuses to join them), I would be extremely outspoken about how you need to stop being a little bitch and get your ass to camp like everybody else. End this madness. But for clarity, check this out…

This is what the Chargers said today:

“Our contract discussions and offers to the representatives of Joey Bosa have been both fair and structurally consistent with the contracts of every other Chargers player”

Then these are some of the things the Chargers offered:

“An initial signing bonus payment that is larger than any player in the League has received in the last two drafts.”

“More money in this calendar year than every player in this year’s draft except one (QB Carson Wentz).”

“The largest payment and the highest percentage of signing bonus received in the first calendar year of any Chargers first-round selection since the inception of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement (2011).”

What a joke. Sign the damn contract.

The Chargers should just say, you don’t want to sign? Fine. Kick rocks. Why would you want someone like that to be part of your organization? He is a 5 year old. Call his bluff. Let him walk. Let him re-enter the draft next year, go off the board lower, and get offered less money. It would be hilarious.

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