Galloway Already Making Mark At Louisville

As we all know Lonnie Galloway left our coaching staff last year in what seemed to be a pretty clean break-up. Lonnie has started to climb up the coaching ladder moving from his position at West Virginia, where he was mainly just the wide receivers coach with little input into offensive coordination, to Louisville where he has gained more responsibility as a coach. I couldn’t tell tell you one thing that differentiates Galloway in the X’s and O’s portion of coaching, but one thing is for sure and that is that he is one hell of a recruiter.

While at West Virginia, he was responsible for bringing us Bruce Irvin, Javon Durante, Tavon Austin, Steven Smothers (hopefully something like the name to his left), Kyzir and Ka’Raun White, Mario Alford, Kennedy McCoy, Wendell Smallwood, Daikiel Shorts, Gary Jennings, and Isaiah Bruce. Some of those names are still at West Virginia or just beginning to play, but some of those names (Bruce Irvin & Tavon Austin) will likely be seen on banners as you make your way to get a Bud Light September 3rd.

In his first recruiting stint at Louisville, he has secured 3 of their top 5 recruits for the class of 2017. He also snuck in the back door and secured 3 star OLB Dorian Etheridge (Capitol HS Charleston, WV) from under our nose. Etheridge was the 5th ranked player in the state. (*Side Note: The top 3 rated players in West Virginia decided to go to North Carolina, Penn State, and Tennessee. We were only able to secure the 4th and 7th ranked players.) He has done all of this in his limited time at Louisville and is targeting many of the top ranked players throughout the country.

As fans, we tend to always look at what is right in front of us. Last year we lost Karl Joseph for the year. This year we lost Dravon Henry for the year. I wonder 3-4 years down the road how many Bruce Irvin’s and Tavon Austin’s we lost by not realizing how important Lonnie Galloway was to our football program.


  1. Good write up! The only comment I have is “What could we have done?”. He was already titled “Assistant Head Coach”, would a coordinator title been enough?

    Along the same lines, I know that they let Cogdell’s contract expire and that he is back in HS Football. I know that he was the reason we were getting so many Miami kids over the years (his HC office at Mirimar was Blue and Gold with the flying WV prominently displayed) Was that parting on good terms as well?


    • I personally don’t believe that the “title” alone was the issue. Titles given to coaches in the NCAA as well as the NFL can sometimes be misleading. Being an Offensive coach under Holgorsen, in any aspect, is probably much different than being an offensive coach under other head coaches. Although Joe Wickline is our “offensive coordinator”, who do you think has more influence on our play calling? So, I think the Lonnie really just wanted some more responsibly and I don’t think Dana was willing to lessen his load in order to facilitate others.

      In response to the Cogdell comment, I do think that that parting was on good terms. I am sure that the coaching staff understood the resource he was to us in the South Florida area and accommodated him accordingly. I personally feel he is more of a resource to us being at the high school level anyway.

      *I also think the “Assistant Head Coach” is the most useless title in athletics.


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