No, Tim, you can’t play baseball

So the media attention whore that is Tim Tebow has had ENOUGH of not being in the news. So his latest stunt is to say he is attempting to play professional baseball. As a former baseball player, this is borderline offensive to me and really should be for everyone. The road to the highest level of baseball might be the toughest and most grueling of all the major sports. Not saying it is the toughest sport, but by far, the road to the bigs is a grind. And for people that are currently sitting on buses and eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as minor league baseball players, they should be the most pissed off. Tebow and the media acts like this is possible. But in reality, it is a slap in the face to the guys trying to make a living.

I’ve been there. For a short time, but I lived it. It is hard. And thinking you are good enough to do it is laughable. First off he is 29 years old which is about 6 years past ancient in baseball terms. Second, the guy can’t throw. He can’t hit a receiver that is 10 yards away (unless it is against the Steelers) with a football, so how does he expect to get by throwing to bases with a ball that is 1/8th the size? Then have you seen his swing?

To answer that question…no, that swing doesn’t get past AA or anywhere close.

Not good Tim. But leave it up to the second coming to think that he was a pretty good high school baseball player so here we are 11 years down the road and he thinks he can fast track it to the bigs. And if he attempts to be humble and says he understands it is a process and he will have to work his way up, remember, he is 29 years old. No club with a brain would take a chance on a shitty old football player. But unfortunately, you know one team will ultimately give him a shot, which will result in a real minor league guy getting released. He will draw fans. He will 100% wear eye black and be a rah rah guy, cheering like a 12 year old softball girl. He will pray in front of every camera possible. And we will all watch ESPN eat it up like crazy. Get ready, the circus is coming to town.

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