Comerica Park – Ballpark Review

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  5. Comerica Park – Detroit Tigers
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  8. Miller Park – Milwaukee Brewers
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  10. Progressive Field – Cleveland Indians
  11. Marlins Park – Miami Marlins

All photos were taken by myself.

Comerica ParkDetroit, MI


The 4th ballpark I ever visited is Comerica Park, home of the Detroit Tigers. It opened in 2000 when the Tigers decided it was time to build a new stadium replacing the famous Tiger Stadium, where the team played from 1912-1999. This ballpark seats 41,782.

Comerica Park is located in downtown Detroit. A lot of people may feel a little uneasy about going to this park just because of it being in the city of Detroit with it’s reputation. Downtown Detroit is actually a nice area that has a tourist feel to it. I’m not saying wander around alone to areas you don’t know, but Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions, is right next door to the park and there’s a good amount of bars/eateries around. We walked past the Hockeytown Cafe which I was told is a good pre or post game stop.

Getting to Comerica is easy and it is hassle free to find parking close to the park. Pricing ranges from $10-$25 depending on distance. Public transportation isn’t very good from what I have heard in Detroit, so some research may be required if that is your transportation method to a game.

Outside Comerica Park is great. There are massive tiger statues at every gate that fans line up to take pictures with. These things are everywhere, they’re huge, and they’re awesome. Some think it is overkill with them everywhere, but I’m all for buying into the theme of your team.


Inside the park is as good as it comes in baseball. The concourses are wide and have a view of the field from all around. There is no shortage of food options, and you can find bacon on a stick in this park. I didn’t try it, but it was a popular seller from the looks of it.

The first thing I noticed when I walked into Comerica was the size of the scoreboard. This thing is huge.


It even has two tigers on top whose eyes light up when the Tigers hit a home run to go along with tiger growling sounds. Thanks for the ball Jeff Branson.

Walking all the way around this park is recommended. You have a view of the field at all times in the main concourse. From behind the plate you can get great view of the downtown Detroit skyline. It’s even better if you head to the upper deck for a look.

In left center field you will find the most history in the park. There are 6 statues dedicated to past Tigers-greats like Ty Cobb, Al Kaline and Hank Greenburg. A definite stop for any baseball fan. It was definitely my favorite part of the park. Right next to the statues in center field is the Chevy Fountain that plays before or after the game or when the Tigers score.

In right field on the Pepsi Porch you can find the New Amsterdam 416 Bar. There are padded seats to relax and a great view 416 feet away from the plate for those who want to hang out in a group.

Comerica Park is known as being a pitcher-friendly park with the huge outfield. Tiger Stadium was one of the most hitter friendly parks of all time (with the acceptation of dead center field at 440), and they went with the complete opposite when Comerica opened. Center field is 420 feet. The left center field power alley used to be 395 feet, but the relocation of the bullpens from right field to left center brought the walls in to 370.

Comerica used to have their flagpole in play located in the deep left center field corner just like Tiger Stadium and many other old parks. The flagpole is now located in the bullpen.

The Detroit fans were awesome. They’re all very passionate about their team and love to show up to all the games. They were great. Many of them went out of their way to ask if we made the trip from Pittsburgh to come watch them play and thanked us for coming and told us they hope we have a great time. It happened on multiple occasions. Everyone we talked to was welcoming and friendly and made the trip that much better.

Before the game I was inside the Tigers clubhouse store looking around and I had someone with a Tigers hat ask me if I was from Pittsburgh. I told them I was a Pirates fan but from just south in a place called Morgantown, WV. He told me that he had heard of Morgantown and asked if I knew a guy named Bobby Huggins. Well, yeah, everyone knows Coach Huggs. He said his name was Stan Boskovich and he played college basketball at WVU and roomed with Coach Huggs while they played together in 1975-76. It was awesome to meet a fellow Mountaineer in the middle of Detroit at random like that. He told me to tell Huggs that Stan says “Hi” if I ever run into him. If I ever get a chance to catch Huggs in public, I will do just that Stan.

The seats had a good amount of space and legroom. The only downside I had with the seating was the row in front of me wasn’t that much lower and can create a challenge to see the field.


We sat in the lower level on the third base line and that was the first thing I noticed.

Tickets through the Tigers can actually be a little high depending on where you want to sit, but purchasing through a secondary market proved to be beneficial and they were reasonably priced.

We caught a Thursday afternoon, sell out game in August and it got hot fast. It was only about 70 degrees that day, but it felt much hotter. There isn’t a lot of access to shade in this park while watching the game. Take some sunglasses and some sunscreen for a day game.

There are great attractions for kids at this ballpark. There’s a carousel and a ferris wheel inside the park. The ferris wheel cars are baseballs and you can find plenty of, wait for it, Tigers, on the carousel. Definitely adds uniqueness to the park.


Lots of people don’t like this part of the ballpark saying it seems too much like an amusement park and this stuff has no place at a baseball game. All the tigers are hand painted on the carousel I was told. I liked this stuff. No other major league park has anything like it.


I was definitely surprised with Comerica Park. I was one who overlooked this ballpark due to a Detroit reputation that doesn’t reflect this ballpark in the slightest. I don’t think it gets enough credit. The people of Detroit were welcoming and really added to the character of this ballpark. The Tiger theme is everywhere throughout the park and the baseball atmosphere is great.

Only downside I can think of was the seats weren’t raised above the row in front of you very well. I would really like to revisit this one again.

Overall, 8/10.



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