Dream GOLF Foursome

I was at work the other day and happened to glance up at the TV only to see John Daly, in all his glory, playing in a PGA event. Loudmouth pants, a golf ball with markings to make the ball resemble a soccer ball, and his ole’ lady luggin’ his bag around. The guy is a legend and in that moment I imagined myself and John playing 18, drinking some diet cokes (Crown Royal in a can), and smoking some cigs. Then I realized that John isn’t the kinda guy to play with one other guy, we gotta get a foursome together and have a full day. So the question is “Who are the 3 golfers who complete your dream foursome?”

The rules for this are pretty loose. You can pick anyone, from any point in their career. For instance, Tiger in his Prime. You would much rather have played with Tiger when he was banging every girl that winked at him AND winning majors. You also do not have to choose a PGA golfer. So you could pick someone like Michael Jordan. Basically the only rule is it has to be a human being and not a character from Caddyshack or Happy Gilmore. So here is my foursome…

John Daly


Any time period works for me. Young or old. John has stood the test of time and stuck to his morals. Drinking, gambling, and smoking. In all seriousness though, with all of the mans vices I bet he’s a pretty good guy. He loves college football, golf, and having a good time so I actually think I could hold a conversation with the guy for 18 holes. I expect him to be in everyones foursome.

Phil Mickelson


People might shoot a double take at this pick. “You can pick anyone and you pick Phil?”. Yes I choose the Lefty. I’ve liked Phil for a while now. I always seem to find myself rooting for him in every tournament. Always seems to come up a little short, but people forget the Phil had some pretty great years that were somewhat overshadowed by Tigers greatness. Anyway, I watched a documentary on Phil and his caddy “Bones” and they just seemed like best buds who happened to be really good at what they do and through ups and downs have stayed the course. If Phil and Bones weren’t on tour, I assume they would be at a country club sandbagging for large sums of money. So Phil makes the list and the kicker is that during our round, he might drop an insider stock tip.

Miguel Angel Jimenez


Who wouldn’t want to golf with this guy? Between smoking cigars with Miguel and smoking cigs with John I won’t be able to breathe for a week, but I would do it in a heartbeat. Miguel would also be able to lead John, Phil, and myself in a comprehensive full-body stretch before the round.


Gotta love the accent aswell. He’s got that foreigner thing going on where you can understand about 85% of what he says when he’s casually talking, but if he gets fired up and speaking too fast than you lose him and just kinda nod your head and laugh. I love it. He seems like he might be one of those guys who stirs the pot a little bit too. He will get Phil and John going at each other just for the fun of it.

The theme of my foursome was fun. Yea I could have said Palmer, Nicklaus, and Hogan but whats the fun in that. Those guys would be telling me to rotate my hips more or some shit like that. Not that I wouldn’t appreciate the pointers from the greats, but c’mon guys lets have some fun.

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